Sports Equipment Matching Cards

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Intended specifically for patients with dementia in the moderate stage, these matching cards have been carefully designed to help participants in the development of language skills. The idea is to create an environment that is interactive and engages the young mind not only in conversation but also in the acquisition of new vocabulary.

The direct aim is to begin with the card that has the blue dot and find an object that matches it (simple matching activity). The indirect aim is to move from left to right to encourage conversation, sequencing between old and young, and gaining a better graasp of the idea relating to age, young and old.

This set includes 18 cards specifically developed to introduce patients to various various sports equipment. Each card is designed to be free of distractions, so there are absolutely no words. Because there are no words associated with any of the cards, they may be easily used and incorporated n a bilingual program. 

Each card is large allowing for easy handling, and printed on our signature thick plastic with all corners rounded. Cards may be easily cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day using state recommended procedures.  

Printed on thick plastic, cut and all corners rounded.